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Vacuum Oven

Catastrophic Moments In High Vacuum

Cascade TEK’s hi-vac ovens utilize a turbo pump to get into vacuum levels in the 10-7torr range.   The interior of a turbo pump is loaded with blades that spin as fast as 20,000 rpm to achieve those hi-vacuum levels. The catch is…. turbo pumps cannot pump at atmospheric pressure.  Turbo pumps should only be activated once the 1st stage “rough” vacuum pump has already pumped the system down to a pressure level that is low enough for the turbo to work.Good vacuum practice means having the turbo pump’s operation interlocked. ...

Vacuum Ovens Dry Heat Sensitive Product

Dan Mallery, Cascade TEK’s Vacuum Oven Expert recently paid a visit to medical device manufacturer BARD in Puerto Rico. Vacuum ovens are an ideal method to dry temperature sensitive items rapidly.  Especially production level drying requirements.   For BARD, Cascade TEK automated the vacuum drying process to reduce operator error and produce consistent results with each batch.  Pictured with Dan are the Cascade TEK SVO-9 Vacuum Ovens. If you need to dry large quantities of a product that is heat sensitive - and do it quickly – contact our Vacuum Oven experts:...