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Welch ChemStar Dry – Oil-Free Deep Vacuum System 2071


Part Id: 6700599

Welch’s ChemStar Dry vacuum system integrates a proprietary vacuum blower with patented PTFE diaphragm technology. Chemical resistant dry pump alternative to oil-seal pumps -the technology of choice for deep vacuum chemical applications.

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Product Description

ChemStar Dry pumps quickly down to the working pressures for most evaporative operations (10 to 0.8 torr). It is in this range that ChemStar Dry creates maximum flow for high performance evaporation clean, fast, and thorough. There is no oil, and the system automatically maintains and protects itself for repeatable robust performance.  2071B-01.

Product Specifications

Ultimate Vacuum

5.0 x10-2 Torr

Pumping Speed

5.3 CFM (150 LPM)

Inlet Connection


Outlet Connection



60Hz, AC, 1Ø



Unit Weight

50 lb (22.7kg)


Manufacturer's Warranty