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2 Cubic Feet Vacuum Ovens (110V)

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    TVO-2 Vacuum Oven

    The TVO-2 oven temperature is controlled via a Watlow programmable ramp and soak controller. The TVO-2 also includes a fully integrated digital overtemp protection controller. Vacuum & purge hand valves are conveniently located on the front control panel. The purge valve is set up to allow for backfilling with N2. Rear Vacuum connections include: a 3/8" connection for the vacuum pump and a 1/4" connection for purge / backfill. An additional KF25 vacuum connection is located in the rear center for feedthru or sensor connections.

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    TVO-2-A Vacuum Automation Oven

    AUTOMATED -This features an Easy Push Button Execution of Pre-Programmed Drying Process. Pneumatic solenoid valves open and close a vacuum valve and a backfilling valve. The Vacuum Valve is controlled by the Watlow EZ Zone and is based on time. Great for multiple pump/purge processes.

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    TVO-2-SV Side Mounted Hand Valve Vacuum Oven

    Side Mounted Hand Valve - This model has an upgraded vacuum flow path. The vacuum line is increased from 3/8” to  1” (KF25) inner diameter Stainless Steel tube.  This allows for much higher vacuum flow rates, vacuum conductance, and helps remove high gas loads.  It also helps achieve deeper vacuum levels faster.   The upgraded valve is mounted on the left side of the oven for easy reach.  This eliminates the small vacuum valve in the control panel

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    TVO-2-VC Vacuum Control Oven

    VACUUM CONTROL- Easy execution of Vacuum setpoint profile. Vacuum level can be controlled to allow slow removal of air and hold at atmosphere down to 1 Torr. Proportional Vacuum Valve Control. Pneumatic solenoid valves open and close a vacuum valve and a backfilling valve. Also includes Full Range Digital Vacuum Gauge that reads from 1000 Torr to 0.1 mTorr.

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