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SVO-5-T Turbo Vacuum Oven


Part Id: CTVT522-H

The SVO-5T TURBO is a fully automated, high-vacuum drying oven built to execute your unique bake-out or drying process. Ideal for smaller space/flight hardware, connectors, or any vacuum process requiring vacuum in the high-vacuum range up to 10-6 Torr.  Roughing pump included.

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Product Description

Standard Features

Inert gas backfill Connection
Stainless Steel Interior
Stainless Steel Shelves
Powder Coated Steel Exterior
Over Pressure Relief Valve
Spare KF-25 Access Port
Spare 2.75″ CF (for future RGA addition)
Watlow F4T Touchscreen Temperature Controller –
•    Includes 2 USB hosts, USB configuration port, standard bus, Ethernet Modbus® TCP
•    Recipe based PID Temperature Control. 40 Ramp and Soak recipes with up to 50 total steps per recipe.
•    Digital Integrated Over Temperature Limit
•    Analog Outputs
•    NEW email/text notifications
PLC Interlocked VAT Gate Valve
Inficon Vacuum BPG400 Gauge and VGC Controller
Inficon PGE500 Foreline Vacuum Gauge
Pfeiffer HiPace 300 Turbo Molecular Vacuum Pump
Agilent IDP-7 Dry Scroll Roughing Vacuum Pump
UL 61010-1, EN 61010-1, CSA 61010-1, CE, SAFETY CERTIFICATIONS

Turn Key Hi-Vacuum Oven – Execute Bake-Outs in 10-6 Torr Range.

The SVO-5T TURBO is a fully automated, hi-vac (TVAC) drying oven built to execute your unique bake-out or drying process. Ideal for space/flight hardware, connectors, cubesats, or any vacuum process requiring vacuum in the “hi-vac” ranges up to 1.0 x 10-6 Torr. Cascade TEK integrates the appropriately sized roughing pump and turbo pump to minimize process time in our smallest 5 cubic foot 304 stainless steel vessel.

Automated Vacuum Process for Easy Operation

The SVO-5-T control system is designed for simple push button execution of your vacuum drying process. Simple, touchscreen control allows for easy creation of temperature profiles. Integral PLC interlocks the operation of the process to prepare and safeguard the Turbo pump. Vacuum levels are displayed digitally with full measurement ranges in Torr. Independent Overtemp Limit (OTL) serves as a fail-safe for your product inside the oven.

Need Assistance To Determine The Fastest Vacuum Bake-Out Process?

Let Cascade TEK develop your vacuum outgassing process. Since 1992 we have provided vacuum ovens for military, aerospace, medical, and automotive industries – and learned plenty about vacuum drying along the way.  Ask us if this Vacuum Bake Oven (VBO) will work for your application.

Optional Features

Digital Datalogger
Glass Viewing Window
Heated/Cooled Platen (-100C to +220C)
TQCM Adaption
RGA Ports
Factory Acceptance Testing
Vacuum Theory Training

Product Specifications


4.78 cu.ft (135 liters)



Interior Dimensions (W x D x H)

18'' x 26'' x 18'' (457 x 660 x 457 mm)

Exterior Dimensions (W x D x H)

28.8” x 51.8” x 67.8” (732 x 1316 x 1722mm)


3 Aluminum standard, 8 Maximum (optional)

Access Port

KF25 (1.0") and 2.75" CF

Temperature Uniformity

±6% of Set Point

Temperature Range

10°C above ambient to 220°C

Vacuum Range

1.0 x 10-6 Torr @150C

Vacuum Gauge

3.8 x 10-10 Torr


50/60Hz, AC, 1Ø

NEMA Plug Supplied

None, Hardwired

Shipping Weight

950 lb (431kg)


2-Year Limited Warranty

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