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TVO-5-VC Vacuum Control Oven


Part Id: CTVV522

VACUUM CONTROL- Easy execution of Vacuum setpoint profile. Vacuum level can be controlled to allow slow removal of air and hold at atmosphere down to 1 Torr. Proportional Vacuum Valve Control. Pneumatic solenoid valves open and close a vacuum valve and a backfilling valve. Also includes Full Range Digital Vacuum Gauge that reads from 1000 Torr to 0.1 mTorr.

Also available in 220 VOLTS.

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Product Description

TVO-5-VC Vacuum Control Oven with Automation

The TVO-5-VC features an automation feature allows the operator to set a specific vacuum level (Atmosphere to 1 Torr) into the Watlow F4T controller manually or use profiles in the Watlow controller to ramp the vacuum level at a predetermined rate. This feature is helpful when removing moisture from samples that require lower temperature processing. The vacuum set point can be set to a level that will maximize the water vapor removal, without freezing the water in the product. As the moisture is removed, the vacuum level can be lowered gradually until the moisture is fully removed. At any point during the process, the oven can be set to go into full vacuum which will fully open the valve between the oven and vacuum pump. This is usually done at or near the end of the process to remove any residual moisture from the product. When the process is complete, the operator/recipe turns off the vacuum event and the oven will automatically backfill to 500 Torr. This backfill limit is controlled by a set point in the digital vacuum gauge controller and can be adjusted by the operator if a different level is desired. It can also be set to not auto backfill if desired. The oven can also be programmed to perform this function in a recipe in conjunction with a heating profile allowing multiple pump purge and heating cycles. These cycles help remove moisture from product without the need for the operator to be physically present to manually monitor and control the oven.

Includes upgraded Inficon (1000 Torr to 1mTorr) Full Range Digital Vacuum Gauge to allow for reading the full ultimate vacuum of the process/pump.

Standard Features

Glass Viewing Window
Inert gas backfill Connection
Stainless Steel Interior
Aluminum Shelves
Powder Coated Steel Exterior
Digital Integrated Over Temperature Limit
Spare KF25 Access Port
Watlow F4T Touchscreen Temperature Controller
Recipe based PID Temperature Control. 40 Ramp and Soak recipes with up to 50 total steps per recipe.
UL 61010-1, EN 61010-1, CSA 61010-1, CE, SAFETY CERTIFICATIONS
Analog Outputs

Customized to Meet Your Specific Application

Cascade TEK understands that every requirement is unique. We do not pair a generic vacuum pump with each oven. We help determine the correct pump to meet your exact requirements. Let us help you choose the correct vacuum pump and connection kit:
• See our favorite vacuum pumps
• See our list of connection kits and other vacuum accessories

Product Specifications


4.5 cu.ft. (127.4 liters)

Interior Dimensions

18'' x 24'' x 18'' (457 x 610 x 457 mm)

Exterior Dimensions

26.5'' x 34.5'' x 32.3'' (673 x 876 x 819 mm)

Unit Weight

363.2 lb (165.1 kg)

Shipping Weight

452 lb (205 kg)


3 standard, 6 maximum

Access Port

1” vacuum port (KF25)


2-Year Limited Warranty


50/60Hz, AC, 1Ø



NEMA Plug Supplied


Temperature Range

10°C above ambient to 220°C

Heat-Up Time

120 minutes to 150ºC

Temperature Uniformity

±6% of Set Point

Vacuum Range

1000 torr to 0.1 mTorr

Vacuum Gauge

1000 Torr – 1mTorr

Safety Certifications

TÜV SÜD America: Canada CSA 61010-1, USA UL 61010-1, EU EN 61010-1, CE