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Can I Place Product Directly On Oven Floor?  Yes.

How Much Weight Will The Shelves Hold?

The shelves are made of 304 stainless steel, we estimate about 50 to 75 lbs. max, depending on the oven you are using.  Ask us about ways to increase shelf weight limit.

How Much Product Can I Put Inside The Oven?

Less is more. We recommend 50% capacity.  Resist temptation.  Over crowding the oven will inhibit air flow and cause inconsistent, longer drying time.

TFO ovens exhaust via the top mounted port. The oven does not need addtional venting.   It is fully adjustable in the opened and closed positions. It is okay to run the oven with the exhaust port fully closed, however, having it open may improve dry times.
Using Exhaust Vent: The slide damper vent on the top of the oven controls ventilation. The oven does not need additional venting. However, powerful fumes or heat output may lead you to attach a vent hose and exhaust the fumes/heat elsewhere.
When attaching a vent hose:
1. Put a dip in the hose. Do not vent straight up. Moisture can condense and run back into the oven.
2. Keep exhaust fans far away to prevent heat loss from oven.
3. A standard dryer hose and clamp will work fine.

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