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TVO-2-2 Vacuum Oven


Part Id: TVO-2-2

Vacuum drying is the most efficient method to remove moisture – especially from temperature sensitive products. Cascade TEK’s TVO-2 vacuum oven has a capacity of 1.7 cubic feet and is our most popular benchtop vacuum oven model.

Also available in 110 VOLTS.

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Product Description

The TVO-2 vacuum oven has a capacity of 1.7 cubic feet and is our most popular benchtop vacuum oven model. Cascade TEK is happy to offer everything you need for a complete vacuum drying system – including dry or wet vacuum pumps, connection kits, and a variety of replacement door gaskets suitable to your application.

Important Vacuum Oven Features

Oven temperature is controlled via a Watlow programmable ramp and soak controller. (Ask about how it can be configured to automatically execute your vacuum drying process). The TVO-2 also includes a fully integrated digital overtemperature protection controller. Vacuum is read in inches of Mercury (Hg) via a bourdon tube. Vacuum and purge hand valves are conveniently located on the front control panel. The purge valve is set up to allow for backfilling with N2. Rear Vacuum connections include: a 3/8″ connection for the vacuum pump & 1/4″ connection for purge / backfill. An additional KF25 vacuum connection is located in the rear center for feedthrough or sensor connections. The TVO-2 also has 3 stackable aluminum shelves. Cascade TEK offers the appropriately sized connection kits and pumps to bring the entire system online.

Automate Your Vacuum Drying Process

Cascade TEK can automate the TVO-2 to execute your vacuum drying process with the push of a button. This includes automatic opening/closing of vacuum/vent valves, automatic backfill sequence and temperature ramps, alarms and shut down. Our automated systems integrate specialty pumps, traps, serial communications and vacuum rated feedthrough based on your specific needs. Please inquire.

Product Specifications


1.7 cubic ft.

Interior Dimensions

12''x 20''x 12'' (30.48 x 50.8 x 30.48mm)

Exterior Dimensions

18.75'' x 26.5''x 24.5'' (47.63 x 67.31 x 62.23mm)

Unit Weight

148 lb


3 (stackable)

Access Port

1” vacuum port in rear (KF25)

Temperature Range

10°C above ambient to 220°C

Temperature Uniformity

±7% of set-point @ 150°C

Vacuum Range

-29.9 inHg


2-Year Limited Warranty

Vacuum Gauge

0 to -29.9" Hg

Myself and the rest of the team have been very pleased with the TVO-2. Specifically, the ease of use (e.g. recipe creation, ease of adding additional outputs, inputs, etc.), and the general equipment reliability thus far. We use the system ~16 hrs / day nearly non-stop and the only maintenance required has been gasket replacement, which is an expected event.

– Matthew Anderson
BSCI, Boston Life Sciences