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BHO Extraction Vac Purge Ovens

BHO vacuum ovens in stock at Cascade TEK


Level Up!  Cascade TEK's Vac Purge Ovens.  
Uniform Temp.  Ideal Pressure.

Cascade TEK’s vac purge ovens are dialed-in.  Stable temperature uniformity, minimized overshoot, coupled with the proper amount of vacuum saves a tremendous amount of operator time and consistent results.   Made in the USA. 

Important BHO Vacuum Purge Oven Features

Temperature Control & Uniformity

Cascade TEK’s temperature reference thermocouple is in contact with the oven bottom shelf.  The Cascade TEK controller uses the temperature of the shelf itself to control heat.  The result is very even, stable temperature.  A fully independent digital failsafe controller is also in place to protect your product from an over-temp situation.
Cascade TEK uses evenly space heaters on the sides and bottom for uniform heating.
Cascade TEK uses solid aluminum shelves for excellent heat distribution.    Check it here:  http://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/thermal-conductivity-d_429.html

Vacuum Pump Technology – Perfect Size & Pressure for Purge

No over-processing.  Terpenes, CBDs (delta-9 THC in particular) are volatile at lower pressures. Cascade TEK uses pumps with just the right ultimate pressure for vacuum purging.   We want to remove the solvent from your product and nothing more.  Take it from the experts at Skunk Pharm Research:   http://skunkpharmresearch.com/vacuum-purging-and-processing-tips/
Cascade TEK uses only industrial, chemical duty, oil-free pumps for your application. Pumps that are made to chug through solvents and water vapor all day long.   CO2 extractors will love the ability of these pumps to remove the residual water which pops and sizzles when dabbed.
Oil-sealed pumps are not intended to pump against solvents.  They will wear out and degrade quickly. Oil sealed pumps will emit an oily smoke and risk contaminating your product.
Cascade TEK’s oil-free, dry pumps eliminate the risk of oil contamination or the presence of dirty oil mist on your product. 

Live Support.  Made in Oregon, USA. 1 Year Warranty.  

Cascade TEK sells everything you need and accepts cash, money order, check or credit card at both our Oregon and Colorado locations.  
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Small Benchtop Operation:  Model TVO-2
TVO-2 Vacuum oven + chemical duty membrane pump + connection kit.
Price $7936.  IN STOCK.    TVO-2 Oven Specifications  
Medium Scale Production System:   Model TVO-5
TVO-5 Vacuum oven + chemical duty membrane pump + connection kit
Add extra shelves for even more capacity.
Price $12800.  IN STOCK.  TVO-5 Oven Specifications