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Vacuum Pumps – What The Gunk?

Posted on May 22nd, 2014 by marybabitz

Cascade TEK makes sure we pair the right vacuum pump to our vacuum ovens.  We ask a lot of questions to make sure our vacuum ovens are built to execute your process.  This picture is an example of what a vacuum pump can going through.  Let us help you get the proper vacuum pump for your application!  Ask for Mary!

Testing Things We Put Into Space

Posted on Feb 25th, 2014 by marybabitz
hi-vac bakeouts at Cascade TEK

Space hardware must be free of contamination and be able to withstand radiative behavior of temperature and the very thin atmosphere of space.   100Km straight up  is the Karman line.  This is where the atmosphere becomes too thin to support lift.  Satellites generally fly at about 300 Km above the earth, which for vacuum folks is about 10-6 torr.   Cascade TEK’s SVO hi-vac ovens can reach 10-6 and often into the 10-7 torr range.

The Science of Vacuum Oven Drying [Infographic]

Posted on Jan 13th, 2014 by marybabitz

With the legalization of marijuana across nation, vacuum drying has been getting a lot of attention lately. For cannabis extractors,  BHO extraction uses vacuum drying to help remove impurities while making THC extractions. But the truth is medical device, food and aerospace industries have been capitalizing on the benefits of low temperature vacuum drying for decades. 

Vacuum Pump Buying and Maintenance Tips

Posted on Sep 4th, 2013 by marybabitz

Lab Manager Magazine has published a quick reference to help in the purchase and maintenance of vacuum pumps.  Cascade TEK's Vacuum ovens come complete with vacuum pumps designed to meet your specific requirement.   If you have any additional questions on vacuum pumps or vacuum ovens, ask our expert Mary

Vacuum Pump….Survey Says!

Posted on Jul 25th, 2013 by marybabitz

If you are a fan of David Lettermen’s Top 10 lists – here is one on vacuum pumps.  Top considerations for purchasing a vacuum pump, top features, types, whether to control or not control vacuum are all covered in Lab Manager Magazine July issue.    Take a read, or feel free to call Mary or Jeremy at Cascade TEK – our vacuum pump experts. 

Catastrophic Moments In High Vacuum

Posted on May 22nd, 2013 by marybabitz
Hi-Vacuum Pump

Cascade TEK’s hi-vac ovens utilize a turbo pump to get into vacuum levels in the 10-7torr range.   The interior of a turbo pump is loaded with blades that spin as fast as 20,000 rpm to achieve those hi-vacuum levels. The catch is…. turbo pumps cannot pump at atmospheric pressure.  Turbo pumps should only be activated once the 1st stage “rough” vacuum pump has already pumped the system down to a pressure level that is low enough for the turbo to work.

Production of Medical Devices - How To Minimize Dry Time

Posted on May 14th, 2013 by marybabitz
Vacuum Drying - Medical Device Production

Cascade TEK Develops Vacuum Drying Processes For Medical Device Manufacturing
Vacuum Drying Works. Manufacturing Process Engineers know that vacuum drying is the most efficient method to remove moisture from products.  Particularly in the medical device industry when products can be temperature sensitive. 

Vacuum Ovens Dry Heat Sensitive Product

Posted on Jun 29th, 2012 by marybabitz
Vacuum drying oven Dan Mallery

Dan Mallery, Cascade TEK’s Vacuum Oven Expert recently paid a visit to medical device manufacturer BARD in Puerto Rico.

Cascade TEK's SVO-501 Tailors to Unique Drying Requirements

Posted on Aug 25th, 2008 by admin

Cascade TEK recognizes the market's demands for vacuum ovens that can be easily tailored to meet unique drying requirements. After reevaluating our mid-sized vacuum oven design, we created the new SVO-501, a five cubic foot vacuum drying oven, and made specific improvements to the temperature uniformity and increased process automation features. These changes translate into improved drying time, greater batch consistency and ease of use for our customers.

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