Vibration & Shock Testing

Cascade TEK understands shock and vibration testing. Our Dynamics labs are outfitted with multiple vibration tables and shock towers. Transporation Simulation, Cargo Bounce, ESS Stress Screens, Sine, Random, Sine-on-Random, "Shake and Bake" (combined temp and vibration) SRS, Sine Sweep, Resonance Search and Dwell, Gunfire, Sawtooth, Half-sine, and Square-Wave Profiles are all within our capabilities. 
Contact Cascade TEK for assistance in determining which tests may be appropriate for your products.
Electro-dynamic vibration tables:

  • Slip plates for easy 3-axis testing
  • High displacement, up to 40,000 force pounds
  • Multiple response channels
  • “Shake and Bake” - combined temperature and vibration

Hydraulic and mechanical vibration tables:

  • Ideal for low frequency, high displacement testing. (Transportation vibration on fully loaded pallets)
  • All ISTA requirements for shock and vibration, including: Vertical-linear, random with and without top loads, fixed-displacement, synchronous, non-synchronous and transportation simulation.

Free-fall shock towers:

  • Multiple shock wave profiles
  • Longer pulse duration than electro-dynamics shock tests
  • Cube fixtures for mounting product to test in multiple axis

Cascade TEK is familiar with the wide body of vibration and shock specifications across many industries. Ask us for guidance.

View our vibration and shock mounting patterns below.

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