IP (Ingress Protection) Testing

IP (Ingress Protection) Testing

Ingress Protection (IP) tests are typically performed on enclosures to determine the level of protection needed from water, dust, ice, chemical or splash intrusion.  Cascade TEK is accredited to perform Ingress Protection testing that satisfies NEMA 250, IEC 60259 (electronics), DIN (Europe), MIL-STD (military), SAE (automotive) and RTCA-DO-160 (avionics) specifications.  
Cascade TEK has the calibrated nozzles, immersion tanks and specified dust/fluids required by these standards.

Tip #1:  How do I know what level of protection to test my enclosure to? 
Click on the IP NEMA Ratings pdf below for a helpful technical reference on enclosure ratings.   The document explains the rating system of ingress protection.  

Tip #2:  Try it with dye! 
Adding a UV sensitive dye to a water ingress tests allows easy inspection of water ingress in very small, tight enclosures or where water may quickly evaporate. It's easy to do. Ask us for details. 

Other Popular Ingress Protection Tests: 


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