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The testing division of Cascade TEK, with laboratories in Hillsboro and Longmont
is now Element Materials Technology. Learn more at Element.com.

Customer Testimonials

Read what some of our clients have to say about Cascade TEK:

Product Testing Services

“I am very impressed by the quality of work performed and would like to commend all those involved with this project for their professionalism and promptness. I have worked with other accredited test labs during my previous job and have since learned to appreciate this quality of service. I would definitely consider Cascade for all our future testing needs and recommend it to others wholeheartedly”.

-Sumeet Bhargava
 Boulder Wind Power

Product Testing Services

"I'm writing to let you know of the exceptional work done by Michael Bosica on Tuesday, 26 Nov 2013 at your Colorado lab."
Read the complete testimonial here: GE Letter of Recommendation

-Ingrid M. Gilstrap, P.E., Senior Engineer
 General Electric

Product Testing Services
"Cascade TEK is our top choice for DO-160 testing. They continually expand their facilities to accommodate the latest industry standards and customer's testing needs. Their expert technicians are professional, friendly and provide the best service around. We use them for all of our Environmental and Structural certification testing and highly recommend their services."

 - Elizabeth Cummings, Compliance Engineering Lead Violation and Certification
   Rosen Aviation

do-160 testing


Vacuum and Laboratory Ovens

“Myself and the rest of the team have been very pleased with the TVO-2.  Specifically, the ease of use (e.g. recipe creation, ease of adding additional outputs, inputs, etc.), and the general equipment reliability thus far.  We use the system ~16 hrs / day nearly non-stop and the only maintenance required has been gasket replacement, which is an expected event”.  

– Matthew Anderson
   BSCI, Boston Life Sciences


Vacuum and Laboratory Ovens

"Cascade TEK makes a FANTASTIC product, very impressed. Seeing a company that designs products built to last in the simplest form is well...American! Some of the other Engineers were as impressed as I was. I want to also thank you for the fast and super awesome service/turn around."

- Erik Sheltead, Principal Engineering Technician

laboratory oven