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MIL-STD (Military Standards)

MIL-STD (Military Standards)

Cascade TEK is A2LA Accredited for MIL-STD testing and has earned Laboratory Suitability Status to Perform MIL-STD 202 by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). The MIL-STD body of test specifications are approved for use by the United States Department of Defense (DOD). Because of the scope, depth and credibility found in the MIL-STDs, these tests are often considered an excellent baseline for the testing of commercial products as well. Cascade TEK has many MIL-STD’s standards in our library and can help guide you to the most appropriate test requirements within the standards. The most widely used is MIL-STD 810 - "Department of Defense Test Method Standard for Environmental Engineering Considerations and Laboratory Tests". Contact Cascade TEK for assistance in determining which MIL-STD tests may be appropriate for your products. Cascade TEK has many capabilities within MIL-STD 810:

Additional product specific MIL-STD Standards:

  • MIL-STD 202, Test Method Standard, Electronic & Electrical Component Parts
  • MIL-STD 883, Test Method Standard, Microcircuits
  • MIL-STD 1344, Test Methods for Electrical Connectors
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