Vacuum Drying Process Development

Vacuum Drying Works. Vacuum drying is the most efficient method to remove moisture -especially from temperature sensitive products. 
Skip Drying Process Trial & Error.  Let Cascade TEK develop your vacuum drying process.   Since 1992 we have provided vacuum ovens for military, aerospace, medical and automotive industries and learned plenty about vacuum drying along the way.   Tricks like heated nitrogen purge, fixturing/positioning, purge sequencing, temperature uniformity, etc… all good vacuum practice that can dramatically reduce process dry time. Ask us how we can help with process development.
Drying Offshore?  Keep it Simple & Foolproof.  Many drying processes are performed off-shore or outsourced.  Making sure the process is simple, fool-proof and consistent is another major consideration.  Once the process has been defined, Cascade TEK’s vacuum engineers create easy user interface with simple push-button controls and lock-outs to insure consistent results.
Turn-Key Vacuum Drying Ovens Cascade TEK's  vacuum drying ovens are built to execute your vacuum drying or bake-out process. Delivered with the controller programmed, the pump installed and our on-site start up, they can be operational within hours of receiving it.
Built to Execute Your Process.  The controls are simple touch screen and multi-channel datalogging monitors at part temperatures and outgas levels with a residual gas analyzer (RGA) or Quartz Crystal Monitor (QCM).
Residual Gas Analyzer (RGA) for Precision Vacuum Drying
How do you know when your product is truly done outgassing to the appropriate level? The optional RGA identifies and measures the properties outgassing from your product during the vacuum drying process. By incorporating an RGA into a vacuum drying oven, it’s possible to better determine when a part is sufficiently outgassed. This is a great help for identifying the appropriate end point in the vacuum drying process, especially when dealing with inconsistent batches where residual moisture, gas and contamination levels may vary from one batch to the next. The Residual Gas Analyzer can be integrated into our vacuum ovens.
Want to talk with Cascade TEK's vacuum drying process expert?  Contact or call us at 888-835-9250.
Want To Outsource Your Vacuum Bake Outs? Cascade TEK’s test laboratory is A2LA Accredited to perform vacuum bake outs.  Click here for details and to request a quote.