Vacuum Oven Options & Customization

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Skip Drying Process Trial & Error  

Let Cascade TEK develop your vacuum drying process.   Since 1992 we have provided vacuum ovens for military, aerospace, medical and automotive industries and learned plenty about vacuum drying along the way.   Tricks like heated nitrogen purge, fixturing/positioning, purge sequencing, temperature uniformity, etc… all good vacuum practice that can dramatically reduce process dry time. Ask us how we can help with process development.
Want to talk with Cascade TEK's vacuum drying process expert?  Contact or call us at (971) 371-4096.
Want To Outsource Your Vacuum Bake Outs? Cascade TEK’s test laboratory is A2LA Accredited to perform vacuum bake outs.  Click here for details and to request a quote. 

Vacuum Oven Options & Customization

Cascade TEK can customize your vacuum oven. Tell us your exact requirements. We can add simple-push button automation, datalogging, monitoring at part temp, cold-traps, alarms. You name it!

Vacuum Pumps

Cascade TEK sells everything you need. Oven + Pump + Connection. There are two basic types of vacuum pumps, described below. For best performance, Cascade TEK will appropriately size the right pump for your oven. On standard orders, vacuum pumps are powered separately from the oven. Requires additional 120V circuit.
Oil / Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps - Rugged, cost-effective pumps designed to handle the majority of non-corrosive drying requirements with excellent ultimate pump pressure. Pump contains oil, which presents some risk (operator error) of oil hydrocarbons backstreaming into oven interior and contaminating parts. Connection kit includes foreline trap necessary to prevent oil backstreaming. Pump Maintenance: Oil Changes.
Oil Pump Connection Kit: Everything to Connect Oil Pump to Oven

  • 4’ Vacuum Hose, KF fittings, Centering Rings, Hose Clamp
  • Mist Eliminator filters pump exhaust
  • Foreline Trap (prevents pump oil “backstreaming” into oven)

Watch Video: Connecting A Vacuum Pump To a Cascade TEK Vacuum Oven
Dry / Oil Free Scroll Vacuum Pumps are designed for clean environments. Oil-free pump eliminates the risk of contamination (oil hydrocarbons “backstreaming” into the oven interior). Not designed for pumping hi-moisture, solvent applications. Oil-free pump eliminates need for foreline traps, mist eliminators as part of connection. Maintenance: tip seal replacement each year or approx. 9,000 hours of use.
Dry Pump Vacuum Connection Kit: Everything to Connect Dry Pump to Oven

  • 4’ Vacuum Hose, KF fittings, Centering Rings, Hose Clamp

Watch Video: Why and When to Consider a Dry Scroll Pump

RGA Outgas Analyzer

The RGA identifies and measures the levels of properties outgassing from your product during the vacuum drying process. By incorporating a Residual Gas Analyzer into a production vacuum drying oven it is possible to determine when a part is sufficiently outgassed. This is a great help for identifying the appropriate end point in the vacuum drying process when dealing with inconsistent batches where residual moisture, gas and contamination levels may vary from one batch to the next. 

Control Automation

Simple, push button automation of your vacuum drying process. Eliminate operator error. Insure complete execution of drying profile. No hand turning of vacuum/vent valves. Cascade TEK pre-programs customer drying profiles into oven controller. Solenoid valves open and close vacuum/vent valves. Great for multiple pump/purge processes.


Real time datalogging of time, temp, vacuum levels and independent thermocouples measure part temperature.

IQ / OQ: Qualification Manuals and On-Site Start-Up 

Complete IQ/OQ manual customized to your oven and tracked by serial number.  On-site, factory-authorized  IQ/OQ or on-site assistance always encouraged.