TFO Lab Oven Options & Customization

Track Oven Temp - Paper Chart Recorder Computer Interface: USB to RS-485 Cable IQ / OQ - On-Site Start Up - Calibration Paperless Datlogging Inert Atmosphere - Dry Air Purge

Options will be listed on the quotation for Cascade TEK Forced Air Lab Ovens.  Have questions?  Contact or (971) 371-4096.


NIST Traceable Calibration of Oven Controller 

Cascade TEK can calibrate your oven’s temperature controller or optional chart recorder prior to shipment.  Includes Certificate of Calibration and calibration sticker on oven. Part Number 6060001.   


Computer Interface With Oven Temperature Controller 

“EZ Zone Configurator” Software is included FREE with TFO ovens.  However, RS-485 to USB converter cable assembly  (8’ length)  is needed to connect oven controller to software.  Computer not included.   Write/ Save  Temperature profiles in windows based environment  -  Save Factory Settings for easy recovery  - Watch (not data-log) real time process information.  Part Number 9990013.


Paper Chart Recorder

Track oven temperature with a 24 hour or 7 day chart recorder. An easy visual to ensure your process is staying on track, maintaining temperature and it provides a record of each process.  Specify degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius.  Partlow Single Pen with 10” circular charts.  Part Number 690007.  


Paperless Datalogging

Honeywell 3 channel, digital datalogger to measure oven control temp and the temperature of individual parts inside the oven.  Electronically chart your drying process temperatures. USB Thumb drive for easy downloading of data.  5” touch screen. Part Number 690002
Channel 1 = Oven Control Temperature
Channel 2 =  Independent Thermocouple inside oven measures  part temperature
Channel 3 = Independent Thermocouple inside oven measures part temperature


High Temp Door Gaskets – Expanded Max Temp to 306C

The newly redesgined TFO family now comes standard with a woven Fiberglass Fluorocarbon coated gasket that will withstand temperatures up to 306C.

Increase Capacity.  Extra Stainless Steel Shelves

Prices and part numbers for the individual TFO oven models will be listed on the quote.
How Much Product Can I Put Inside The Oven?  Less is more. We recommend 50% capacity.  Resist temptation.  Over crowding the oven will inhibit air flow and cause inconsistent, longer drying time.
How Much Weight Will The Shelves Hold?  The shelves are made of 304 stainless steel, we estimate about 50 to 75 lbs. max, depending on the oven you are using.  Ask us about ways to increase shelf weight limit.
Can I Place Product Directly On Oven Floor?  Yes.

Powe​r Exhaust

The power exhaust provides rapid evacuation (return to ambient) of the oven. The power exhaust mounts to the top of the exhaust vent on the top of the oven. The power exhaust plugs into the switched 220V outlet on the back top of the oven.

IQ / OQ: Qualification Manuals, On-Site Start-Up Service

Complete IQ / OQ manual customized to your oven and tracked by serial number.  Factory-Authorized  start up and performance of IQ / OQ available upon request.