Cell Phone Case Testing - Shout Out To Seidio!

Posted on Apr 15th, 2014 by marybabitz
dust ingress testing at Cascade TEK

Thanks for Seidio for mentioning Cascade TEK in its product literature for the OBEX Waterproof case to withstand a battery of ingress protection testing.  The case has been tested to be waterproof, impact resistant and dust tight.

Accelerated Weathering Test – Entire Product or Just a Sample?

Posted on Dec 13th, 2013 by marybabitz
Cascade TEK Accellerated Weathering Test

Most accelerated weathering test chambers are designed to test a sample or “coupon” of a product – meaning a sample of the paint, coating or portion of the product that will be exposed to UV, heat/humidity.  But  if you want the entire product to be exposed Cascade TEK's MacGyver-like Test Technicians have modified our accelerated weathering test chambers to accommodate products much larger than just a sample or coupon size. 

Environmental Exposure - The Enemy of Wine

Posted on Jun 5th, 2013 by marybabitz
Environmental Exposure Hurts Wine

Vinotemp spells out the ideal environmental conditions for storing and developing wine.  Environmental exposures are major considerations in package testing performed at Cascade TEK’s Oregon and Colorado laboratories. 
Wine Likes: 

MIL-STD 810F Solar Radiation – Weather Tester Coming Soon

Posted on Jul 29th, 2010 by admin
Atlas Ci4000 Weather-Ometer

Cascade TEK has placed an order for an Atlas Ci4000 Weather-Ometer Test System. This new machine meets international test standards for Xenon Weathering, Solar Radiation and Accelerated Aging of Automotive Parts, Plastics, Inks, Paints/Coatings, Packaging, Photovoltaic, Textiles and Pigments/Dyes.

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