Inert Gas Lab Ovens – Do I Need One?

Cascade TEK offers an option for inert gas or (sometimes called GN2 Purge) as an option on our Forced Air Lab Ovens.  Here’s a quick rundown on when to consider using this feature.
What Does an Inert Gas Lab Oven Do? 
GN2 purge creates an “inert atmosphere” which basically means a non-corrosive, non-condensing, non-oxidizing condition inside the oven.  The action of purging will displace oxygen and other impurities in the ambient air.
Why Should I Use an Inert Gas Lab Oven?

Lab Ovens – Rugged or Abused?

Posted on Aug 22nd, 2012 by marybabitz
Drying Oven

Cascade TEK has a long history of selling forced-air lab ovens.  We love each and every one of them and hope for the best when the go out into the great big world of drying & curing.  Occasionally we are simultaneously impressed and aghast by the abuse our forced air ovens can withstand in the field.

This is HOT!

Posted on Jun 14th, 2012 by marybabitz

Now that I have your attention, I thought I’d share some tips about Forced Air Oven versus Gravity Convection Ovens. 

If you are still reading, there are many different types of industrial or commercial drying methods out there.  Convection, Gravity Convection, Forced-Air, etc…  Some of the terms I find to be misleading.  And there’s a reason for price difference between the different types of drying ovens.  

In A Nutshell:   

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