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The testing division of Cascade TEK, with laboratories in Hillsboro and Longmont
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How Airplanes Survive Lightning

Posted on Feb 9th, 2015 by marybabitz

Cascade TEK spends alot of time testing aircraft parts for the stress of vibration, shock, thermal shock, altitude, G-Forces, called out in RTCA DO-160...  But what about a lightning strike?    Well.... The Denver IEEE is hosting  

NASA to Speak About Cascade TEK at Space Simulation Conference

Posted on Aug 21st, 2014 by marybabitz

We are thrilled to be the topic of NASA Langley Research Center's presentation at this years Space Simulation Conference! Denisse V. Aranda will speak about Cascade TEK's oven facility and the capabilities we have for space environmental testing for small electronic components.

View the complete list of presentations here.



MIL-STD 810 – Change Notice 1 Now Available

Change Notice 1 to MIL-STD-810G is available.  It includes additional guidance on how to combine various test procedures and new information regarding mechanical shock testing.  


Check out these additions:   

• Part 1 LCEP – Life Cycle Environmental Profile

• Part 2 Test Methods 500-528


To learn about the changes here are a few options:

Cascade TEK At 2013 AmCon Design & Contract Manufacturing Expo

Posted on Apr 1st, 2013 by marybabitz

All matters related to product testing, both environmental reliability and EMC/EMI can be found at the 2013 AmCon Design & Contract Manufacturing Expo .  Cascade TEK and Northwest EMC will be exhibiting side by side to discuss all of your testing needs.

Ensure Products are Ready for Extremes with Cascade TEK's Thermal Shock Testing

Posted on Jan 23rd, 2013 by admin
Cascade TEK thermal shock testing

Have a product that is going to experience extreme thermal conditions? Cascade TEK's thermal shock chambers have the ability to move very rapidly from hot to cold and vice versa, so you can see just how your parts and components will stand up to extreme temperature fluctuations (like those experienced by electronics and hardware found in Aerospace and other high-tech or industrial industries).

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