Catastrophic Moments In High Vacuum

Posted on May 22nd, 2013 by marybabitz
Hi-Vacuum Pump

Cascade TEK’s hi-vac ovens utilize a turbo pump to get into vacuum levels in the 10-7torr range.   The interior of a turbo pump is loaded with blades that spin as fast as 20,000 rpm to achieve those hi-vacuum levels. The catch is…. turbo pumps cannot pump at atmospheric pressure.  Turbo pumps should only be activated once the 1st stage “rough” vacuum pump has already pumped the system down to a pressure level that is low enough for the turbo to work.

Production of Medical Devices - How To Minimize Dry Time

Posted on May 14th, 2013 by marybabitz
Vacuum Drying - Medical Device Production

Cascade TEK Develops Vacuum Drying Processes For Medical Device Manufacturing
Vacuum Drying Works. Manufacturing Process Engineers know that vacuum drying is the most efficient method to remove moisture from products.  Particularly in the medical device industry when products can be temperature sensitive. 

Cascade TEK Tutorial on Watlow EZ-Zone Controller for Vacuum Ovens

Learn how to program the Watlow EZ-Zone Controller found on Cascade TEK vacuum ovens and lab ovens. Find out how to set ramp and soak profiles, and time to temp mapping.

Cascade TEK's Oven Experts Explain the Watlow EZ-Zone Temperature Controller

Learn how to run a single, set-point temperature on a Cascade TEK vacuum oven using the Watlow EZ Zone Controller. This video explains how to set a profile for heating the oven to 100 degrees and then ramping for eight hours.

Getting Started With Your Cascade TEK Oven Controller

Learn how to run a single temperature set point on Cascade TEK TVO vacuum ovens or laboratory ovens.

Setting the High Limit on a Cascade TEK Oven

Set the Watlow EZ Limit Controller on your Cascade TEK TVO vacuum ovens with this informative tutorial video.

Communications for TVO and TFO Ovens

Cascade TEK forced air lab ovens and Cascade TEK vacuum ovens come with a Watlow Ez-Zone Controller. Learn how to operate with a short video tutorial.

Cascade TEK Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump Applications

Why and when to consider a dry pump on Cascade TEK Vacuum Ovens.

A dry scroll pump has no oil in it, making it a great choice if your process needs to be extra clean or when you are working in a cleanroom. Learn the ins and outs of the Cascade TEK dry scroll vacuum pump.

Connecting a Vacuum Pump to a Cascade TEK Vacuum Oven

A step-by-step video overview to show you how to prepare and mount a vacuum pump for your new vacuum oven.

Overview of Rear Vacuum Connections

Each Cascade TEK vacuum oven comes with a vacuum barb, vent barb, and KF vacuum fitting on the rear of the unit. Learn more about each feature and their purpose in this short video tutorial.


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