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Cell Phone Case Testing - Shout Out To Seidio!

Posted on Apr 15th, 2014 by marybabitz
dust ingress testing at Cascade TEK

Thanks for Seidio for mentioning Cascade TEK in its product literature for the OBEX Waterproof case to withstand a battery of ingress protection testing.  The case has been tested to be waterproof, impact resistant and dust tight.

Introduction Shelf Life Validation Testing

Steve McKelvey was one of Cascade TEK’s great testing customers before retiring to Mexico.  So clearly, he’s a genius. 

Let me share his notes from his presentation “Introduction to Shelf Life Validation”.   Steve covers:

  • Developing a Shelf-Life Test Plan
  • Sample Size Justification
  • Device Shelf Life
  • Humidity vs. Laminated Films

Steve recommends and references:  

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