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Vibration Testing Seminar at Wooward, Loveland Colorado

Posted on Feb 13th, 2014 by marybabitz
vibration testing at Cascade TEK Colorado

April 29-30 – Shock & Vibration – Test, Design & Design Assurance by Dr. Alec Feinberg - Cost:  $1,195 Understanding of vibration and shock stress is important for the design of reliable products for diverse applications, ranging from consumer devices to safety critical equipment.  This course starts by covering vibration and shock concepts, test methods and test equipment. Practical examples illustrate the concepts and attendees will perform calculations themselves to reinforce learning. Design methods for vibration and shock are then covered over typical design stages. We detail material selection for design which is important and depends on the stress environment. We feature aspects in material modulus, yield strength, hardness, creep, wear, and mechanical and thermal fatigue of structures and circuit boards (including protecting solder joints). We next detail isolation and damping design methods to protect against vibration and shock environments. We consider design margins for robustness. A Monte Carlo method is introduced for stack up issues. Design assurance includes such key tools for managing success as design FMEA. We introduce a stage gate approach for design assurance. Strong tools are provided for understanding reliability and quality for the engineer. To help understand potential design failure modes we include a full section on physics of failure looking at potential historical failure modes in manufactured products, how they occur and what tools are needed in root cause analysis. The course targets designers, engineers, test engineers and management.  For more information:  http://www.hobbsengr.com/1_e/?event=shock-vibration-test-design-and-design-assurance

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