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UV Exposure Testing - Bulb Types

Posted on Jan 3rd, 2014 by marybabitz
UV exposure testing, accellerated weathering test

Here is a quick run-down on the types of bulbs used in UV, Accelerated weathering tests. 
There are many different spectral irradiances of UV bulbs.  Generally speaking: 
500 hours under UV-B bulbs = 1 year of South Florida exposure
1000 hours under UV-A bulbs = 1 year South Florida exposure
1000 hours under Xenon Arc = 1 year South Florida exposure
There are additional UV exposure categories for an Arizona climate.  (Dry, more intense UV & heat )
UV-A Bulbs:
UV-A light tends to accelerate a yellowing or fading with its exposure.    Colored products could benefit from UV-A exposure, as yellowing or fading is undesirable.   UV-A bulbs can offer Daylight and UV behind window glass exposures. UVA-340 offers the best correlation to outdoor exposures because it is the best simulation of sunlight from 295 nm to 365 nm.
UV-B Bulbs:  UV-B light  tends to accelerate or create “brittleness” or an aging process not typically occurring outdoors.  UV-B bulbs can accelerate the degradation of polymer.  UVB-313 bulbs offer maximum acceleration by utilizing short-wave UV that is more severe than normally found on the earth’s surface.
Xenon Arc:  In general, Xenon Arc bulbs are more capable of providing a natural sunlight spectrum. ASTM G155 is the specification to select for xenon arc exposure.
Indoor Exposure – Fluorescent:
Cascade TEK also offers UV “Cool White” Exposure for indoor exposure to fluorescent lighting. 
Cascade TEK is accredited to perform accelerated weathering – UV exposure testing to a wide variety of industry standards.   Contact us for assistance in determining which accelerated weathering tests may be appropriate for your products. 

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