Production of Medical Devices - How To Minimize Dry Time

Posted on May 14th, 2013 by marybabitz
Vacuum Drying - Medical Device Production

Cascade TEK Develops Vacuum Drying Processes For Medical Device Manufacturing
Vacuum Drying Works. Manufacturing Process Engineers know that vacuum drying is the most efficient method to remove moisture from products.  Particularly in the medical device industry when products can be temperature sensitive. 
Skip Process Development Trial & Error.  Let Cascade TEK develop your vacuum drying process.   Since 1992 we have provided vacuum ovens for military, aerospace, medical and automotive industries – and learned plenty about vacuum drying along the way.   Tricks like – heated nitrogen purge, fixturing/positioning, vacuum/purge sequencing, temperature uniformity, etc… all good vacuum practice that can dramatically reduce dry time.
Your Product.  Our Process.  Cascade TEK’s Vacuum Engineers take your product and our vacuum ovens to develop the best process to maximize drying in the shortest time.  
Drying Offshore?  Keep it Simple & Foolproof.  Many drying processes are performed off-shore or outsourced.  Making sure the drying process is simple, fool-proof and consistent is another major consideration in developing a drying process.  Once the process has been defined, Cascade TEK’s vacuum engineers create easy user interface with simple push-button controls and lock-outs to insure consistent results.
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