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Ensure Products are Ready for Extremes with Cascade TEK's Thermal Shock Testing

Posted on Jan 23rd, 2013 by admin
Cascade TEK thermal shock testing

Have a product that is going to experience extreme thermal conditions? Cascade TEK's thermal shock chambers have the ability to move very rapidly from hot to cold and vice versa, so you can see just how your parts and components will stand up to extreme temperature fluctuations (like those experienced by electronics and hardware found in Aerospace and other high-tech or industrial industries).

During times of temperature change, a product or part will expand and contract; this expansion and contraction affects various parts of a product in different ways, sometimes leading to excessive strain that can cause a product to break down and possibly even lead to cracks and potential product failure. Thermal shock testing allows you to complete multiple cycles of these fluctuations in order to see how just how your products will react.

Visit our Product Testing Services page for more information about this specific test or any of our other product reliability and environmental testing capabilities including HALT / HASS Testing and Ingress Protection, or contact Cascade TEK to help you determine which product tests are right for your product.

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