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Vibration Testing - Need to Knows

Posted on Dec 5th, 2012 by marybabitz
Vibration Testing at Cascade TEK

Whether you are planning to purchase your own vibration test system or have a lab perform vibration testing on your behalf – here are a few details that are needed:

  1. What are the dimensions of the Unit Under Test (UUT) and how will it be fixtured to the vibration table?
  2. Weight of the UUT + Weight of the fixture = ?
  3. Center of Gravity (if known)
  4. Mounting area required on vibration head expander/slip table
  5. Description/type of mounting points on vibration table
  6. Orientations – In which axis will the UUT be tested?  X Axis, Y Axis, Z Axis?

Special thanks to Dynamic Solutions for these tips.  Cascade TEK currently has 3 Dynamic Solutions vibration test set ups in our vibration test labs.

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