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ISTA Testing Certifications & ISTA Transit Tested Logo

Posted on Oct 8th, 2012 by marybabitz
ISTA Package Testing

Q:  If I test my packages at an ISTA Certified Lab – Can I get the ISTA “Transit Tested” Logo on my packages?

A:  Only if your company is a member of ISTA.    An independent  ISTA Certified Test Lab will submit the test data to ISTA.  ISTA will issue their cert directly.    Check out page 13 of the attached ISTA Guideline for details.

Q:  Is it mandatory to  have the “Transit Tested” logo on my packages?

A:  No. Unless specifically directed to have packages labeled with the ISTA Transit Tested logo (For example – your customer requires it), a test report from an ISTA Certified Testing Laboratory is enough to satisfy/demonstrate packages were tested to ISTA requirements.  Check out this previous blog post about who and how to determine pass/fail on ISTA package testing: http://www.cascadetek.com/blog/2012/10/ista-package-testing-pass-or-fail

Cascade TEK is an ISTA Certified Package Testing Laboratory with locations in Oregon and Colorado. 

List of ISTA Testing Laboratories

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