HOBBS Engineering’s HALT & HASS Seminar at Cascade TEK, Colorado

Posted on Oct 2nd, 2012 by marybabitz

Nov 13-15, 2012 - HALT & HASS + Demonstrating Reliability by Chet Haibel This three-day seminar is intended to begin at the beginning with no prior knowledge of Reliability required.  The theory of HALT and HASS is provided to those who want to learn enough about the methods to perform them well without assistance.  This is also intended to prevent practitioners from committing the most frequently made mistakes.  Many use the words HALT and HASS, but don’t teach correct techniques.  Learn how to do it correctly.  The third day of the seminar covers Weibull Analysis which facilitates planning and executing good Reliability Demonstration tests.  Wear-Out (end-of-life) failure modes are often not easily discovered by overstress tests such as HALT.  Another situation is where several failure modes have been discovered, the design has been improved, but it is not clear whether the design is good enough yet, or whether it’s “too good.”  Can weight, size, cost, or some other attribute can be traded off.  Reliability must be quantified to move forward. 

Cost:  $1,595.  Additional people from same company:  $1,196 ea.

To Register for the HOBBS Seminarlearn@hobbsengr.com  or 303-655-3051

HALT Testing At Cascade TEK:   Each company in attendance will receive 1 free day of HALT Testing off of Cascade TEK’s regular 3-day HALT Series.    For more information about Cascade TEK’s HALT HASS Testing Services, contact Joe Fratiello joe@cascadetek.com  or Garrett Harris garrett@cascadetek.com


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