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Shock And Vibration Testing Webinar

Posted on Sep 27th, 2012 by marybabitz
Vibration Testing at Cascade TEK

October 11:  Hobbs Engineering is hosting a 3 hour Vibration and Shock Testing Webinar.  3 hours and $300 from the comfort of your own mouse pad may be just what it takes to understand shock and vibration and how vibration and shock tests are specified.  

Shock Test Expect to review shock test methods, including drop shock and electro-dynamic shock pulse and Shock Response Spectrum (SRS) testing and how these tests are specified.

Sine Vibration Testing:  Sine vibration fundamentals: natural and forcing frequency, damping, Q, and resonances. We will detail a vibration test system set up.

Random Vibration TestingHere we will introduce why we do random vibration, how to understand the frequency domain and the test specification, including common tests that are specified.  Accelerometer use will be overviewed for random vibration.  Repetitive shock will be overviewed which is used in HALT testing and how this spectrum differs from random vibration. What are the strengths and weakness of repetitive shock? When to use HALT versus electro-dynamic (ED) random vibration testing?

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