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What is the Difference Between Salt Fog and Salt Spray Testing?

Posted on Oct 27th, 2009 by admin
Cascade TEK salt fog testing

We wanted to provide a little clarification in case you are wondering if Salt Fog Testing is different from Salt Spray Testing. From a testing standpoint, these are the exact same test, but they are often referred to by these different names because the levels of salt being applied vary according to the specific environmental conditions needed to be replicated. The test typically applies salt and/or sea mist to coated or painted marine, automotive, and military equipment, testing for corrosion over time through an accelerated process. The concentration of salt and duration of testing are the two variables that are adjusted in order to tailor the test to your requirements.  Thus, the same test is sometimes referred to as Salt Fog or Salt Spray.  For more details on Cascade TEK’s testing capabilities, visit our Environmental Testing Services Page.  We hope this helps!

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