Summer Intern Submersion

Posted on Aug 1st, 2012 by marybabitz
Immersion Testing

When it comes to physically demanding product testing, summer interns always draw the short straw. Cascade TEK proves it here with our  borderline hypothermic  intern Gannon Parkin. Gannon demonstrates the lengths Cascade TEK will go to meet our customers demanding test requirements.

For this automotive customer, Gannon had to immerse, soak and rotate the product in 20” of water temperature conditioned to a chilly  4 ºC . We figured reaching to the bottom of an ice filled tub may possibly be good preparation for Gannon’s future collegiate activities - pursuing his ME degree from Oregon State University.

There are a wide variety of IP (ingress protection) testing criteria. Submersion, Freezing, Drip, Spray , Splash - with everything from water, dust, sand, salt-corrosives, ice, soda pop, fuel, lotions to chemicals.  Cascade TEK performs ingress protection testing. We have an extension collection of calibrated nozzles and test chambers to meet IP and NEMA specs.

Here is a very helpful guide when selecting IP (ingress protection) ratings to test to:  IP and NEMA Ratings.

Nice job, Gannon!

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