RTCA DO-160 Moves to Rev G in Dec 2010

Posted on Jul 21st, 2010 by admin
RTCA DO 160 testing

I attended an EMC Technical Seminar last month in Seattle. Dave Walen, FAA gave a great presentation on DO-160. Since so many of our customers use DO-160 as a test guideline for aircraft equipment, I thought I’d share my notes (at least the ones I can make out): RTCA DO-160 will go to Rev G around December 2010. No major changes, but Rev G will have a User Guide that shares tribal knowledge for each of the 26 sections in RTCA DO-160. Check out the FAA Advisory Circular AC-21-16F at www.faa.gov for information on the different revision levels of RTCA-DO-160. Did you know? The DO-160 test specification is a STANDARD for demonstrating procedures/conditions for aircraft equipment. It is not an APPROVAL to install equipment on aircraft. Approvals fall under FAA. FAA encourages use of DO-160. Boeing, Airbus, etc… tend to have their own standards/requirements. Section 23 Lightning Direct Effects: Lightning strikes an aircraft once every 3000 hours in today’s world. DO-160 is actually a consensus agreement on procedures and test conditions. Everyone on the RTCA committee must agree. No wonder revisions take 3-4 years! Cascade TEK performs DO-160 testing such as altitude, crash safety, temperature variation, vibration, waterproofness, sand and dust, salt fog, icing and fluids susceptibility.

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