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MIL-STD 810F Solar Radiation – Weather Tester Coming Soon

Posted on Jul 29th, 2010 by admin
Atlas Ci4000 Weather-Ometer

Cascade TEK has placed an order for an Atlas Ci4000 Weather-Ometer Test System. This new machine meets international test standards for Xenon Weathering, Solar Radiation and Accelerated Aging of Automotive Parts, Plastics, Inks, Paints/Coatings, Packaging, Photovoltaic, Textiles and Pigments/Dyes. By Fall 2010 Cascade TEK will be testing to the following popular UV – light test specifications: MIL-STD 810F (Solar Radiation), SAE J1885 (Accelerated exposure of automotive interior trim), SAE J1960 (Accelerated exposure of automotive exterior materials); a series of Volkswagen specs: PV1303, 3929, 3930 (Light fastness, dry-hot weathering, wet-warm weathering) as well as Ford, GM and Hyundai requirements. We expect to have the machine up and running by the end of summer 2010. Cascade TEK currently performs photostability UV testing as well as UV exposure to meet ASTM standards. Additional accelerated aging tests such as salt-fog, temperature/humidity and physical fatigue/life cycle testing are also available from Cascade TEK. Contact Joe Fratiello, joe@cascadetek.com or Terry Candlish, terry@cascadetek.com if you have any questions about UV, weathering or accelerated aging tests.

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