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Learn More About Cascade TEK's Package Testing Capabilities

Posted on Mar 27th, 2012 by admin
Transportation Simulation at Cascade TEK

Available at both our Oregon and Colorado testing labs, Cascade TEK offers a wide range of package testing capabilities; we are an ISTA certified package testing lab, meaning we can submit test data to ISTA for examination in order for packages to receive the ISTA's coveted "Transit Tested Certification Mark", and test according to guidelines published by the ASTM, ISTA and MIL-STD.

What kinds of tests are available at Cascade TEK? We offer a comprehensive list of test options, including: drop testing, transportation simulation, compression testing, and temperature and humidity testing. All of these are used in order to test the reliability of product packages and ensure that packaging is able to protect products from expected hazards experienced during the normal shipping process.

Cascade TEK's Package Testing Capabilities:
From shock and vibration to changing thermal conditions, Cascade TEK's package testing capabilities can provide the certification your packages need to get your products to market, including:

Shock & Vibration Testing Capabilies:
All ISTA requirements for shock and vibration, including: Vertical-linear, random with and without top loads, fixed-displacement, synchronous, non-synchronous and transportation simulation.

Drop Testing:
All ISTA drop testing requirements.

Compression Testing Capabilities:
All ISTA compression testing requirements.

Incline Impact Testing Capabilities:
All ISTA impact testing requirements.

Atmospheric (Temperature / Humidity) Conditioning Capabilities:
All ISTA atmospheric conditioning requirements.

Handling: Bench, Tip/Tip Over, Forklift Handling:
All ISTA handling requirements.

Still have questions about package testing at Cascade TEK? Contact us today and one of our representatives will help point you in the right direction!

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