Lab Ovens – Rugged or Abused?

Posted on Aug 22nd, 2012 by marybabitz
Drying Oven

Cascade TEK has a long history of selling forced-air lab ovens.  We love each and every one of them and hope for the best when the go out into the great big world of drying & curing.  Occasionally we are simultaneously impressed and aghast by the abuse our forced air ovens can withstand in the field.

Pictured is Cascade TEK’s TFO-28 Forced Air Oven, originally branded by Tenney.  Our largest drying oven, the “king of curing”, is pictured lying on its side.  Even though this drying oven is 20+ years old….Seeing it lying sideways sent our lab oven crew into a mild tizzy. Our poor TFO-28...  We hope this drying oven finds a happy home.  

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