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Posted on May 27th, 2010 by admin
Mechanical Engineer Anthony Vo

Anthony Vo, Mechanical Engineer at Rockwell Collins is our guest today. He brought in the coolest remote controlled helicopter we’ve ever seen. It’s a T-REX 700 with a size 90 motor. It can fly inverted, backwards and inverted AND backwards. It took Anthony about 6 months to learn that skill. Many crashes, too. Total flight time is about 10 minutes, before burning through the two nitro (alcohol based) fuel tanks. The helicopter has a range of about 1/2 mile and he’s taken it to about 500 ft altitude. Costs about $2K. Cascade TEK does quite a bit of testing on aircraft components. RTCA- DO160 is the test standard most common for avionics. Let us know if we can help with your flying machine.

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