Cascade TEK's SVO-501 Tailors to Unique Drying Requirements

Posted on Aug 25th, 2008 by admin

Cascade TEK recognizes the market's demands for vacuum ovens that can be easily tailored to meet unique drying requirements. After reevaluating our mid-sized vacuum oven design, we created the new SVO-501, a five cubic foot vacuum drying oven, and made specific improvements to the temperature uniformity and increased process automation features. These changes translate into improved drying time, greater batch consistency and ease of use for our customers.

Since consistent bake-out results rely on uniform temperatures, we improved the temperature uniformity of the SVO-501, to +/-3% of the user set point. As well, we incorporated an optional touch screen data logger to make real time temperature, vacuum and independent thermocouple data more accessible and easy to download. Making adjustments to accommodate for various drying requirements is easier.

Like other Cascade TEK vacuum ovens, the SVO-501 offers digital independent over-temperature control and protection, built-in serial communication outputs for both temperature as well as vacuum and smart alarms to notify the operator if required specifications are not being met.

View more information here about the SVO-501 features and specifications.

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