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Cascade TEK’s Testing Capabilities featured in R&D Magazine

Posted on Aug 27th, 2009 by admin

In the October 09 issue of R&D magazine, the featured article titled “Understanding Contract Labs” calls on Cascade TEK and our Vice President of Operations, Terry Candlish, to expound upon the benefits of third party environmental stress testing as well as the services, qualities and procedures of an expert testing lab like the one at CascadeTek.

The article states that, “Another reason a company might outsource their product is that they wish to have a third party do the testing. ‘A lot of companies that are instructing their vendors to do environmental stress testing usually want a third party to do the testing,’ says Terry Candlish, Work Laboratory Manager and Vice President of Operations, CASCADE TEK, Hillsboro, OR. ‘They want an unbiased party testing the product for integrity and strength, so that what is going to the market is a reliable product.’ ” The article goes on to further explain the importance of 3rd party contract laboratories and using their testing expertise with today’s demanding and strict standards. The full article is out now and can be read here.

R&D magazine is a greatly respected magazine in the Research and Development arena and has been around for over 50 years.  We are quite flattered to be called upon for our expert analysis and feedback in the Environmental Testing world.  Visit our Environmental Testing Services page to read more about our world class testing capabilities and facility.

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