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Cascade TEK has joined forces with Element Materials Technology to further strengthen its position as the largest independent materials testing businesses operating in the USA today.

Since our formation 23 years ago, Cascade TEK has grown to become one of the leading companies in the provision of Product Qualification Testing Services to the Aerospace sector.

During that time we have made many changes within our business to enable us grow with our customers and to enhance the services we provide to them and today is no different.

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Cascade TEK spends alot of time testing aircraft parts for the stress of vibration, shock, thermal shock, altitude, G-Forces, called out in RTCA DO-160...  But what about a lightning strike?    Well.... The Denver IEEE is hosting  

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Another instance of reliability testing leading to product improvements!

Delta-Q Technologies, who are a leader in battery charging solutions for industrial machinary and electric vehicles, wrote a recent white paper that reveals how a new design approach to on-board battery chargers results in a more reliable product. Cascade TEK understands that reliability testing is a crucial test for a product such as this, a product that undergoes a tough environment, including shock and vibration. This test helps ensure the charger will work even in the most unstable environments.

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It’s rare to see a highly accelerated vibration test in slow motion.  Qualmark and Toyo give us a peek.  Cascade TEK performs highly accelerated vibration testing in our Oregon and Colorado test facilities.

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We are thrilled to be the topic of NASA Langley Research Center's presentation at this years Space Simulation Conference! Denisse V. Aranda will speak about Cascade TEK's oven facility and the capabilities we have for space environmental testing for small electronic components.

View the complete list of presentations here.



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Cascade TEK knows a thing or two about Ingress Protection testing (IP Testing), so we created this infographic to summarize how the IP rating system works. There are different levels of protection an enclosure will provide a product, both from solid and liquid intrusions. Having an IP test done on your product at an accredited test lab will ensure that your product is ready for market. From calibrated nozzles to immersion tanks, Cascade TEK is equipped and accredited to perform the appropriate IP test for your product.


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Cascade TEK makes sure we pair the right vacuum pump to our vacuum ovens.  We ask a lot of questions to make sure our vacuum ovens are built to execute your process.  This picture is an example of what a vacuum pump can going through.  Let us help you get the proper vacuum pump for your application!  Ask for Mary!

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We have just added a Taber Linear Abraser to perform a wide variety of abrasion/wear testing to ASTM and many automotive standards.    Check out our abrasion testing web page for more details!

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Cascade TEK has added a 600 pound gantry crane in our open pit acceleration centrifuge.   Designed to perform acceleration tests associated with RTCA DO-160’s Crash Safety Testing, the new gantry crane will help our fantastic Test Techs mount larger, heavier items onto the centrifuge.    

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dust ingress testing at Cascade TEK

Thanks for Seidio for mentioning Cascade TEK in its product literature for the OBEX Waterproof case to withstand a battery of ingress protection testing.  The case has been tested to be waterproof, impact resistant and dust tight.